5 Best Places to Buy Bridal Lehenga In Chennai


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Bridal Lehenga In Chennai


Marriage is the most significant occasion in the life of the bride and the groom. It is a rare occasion when friends and family gather together and cherish this precious moment. On such occasions as a bride, you desire to look the best. You want the best bridal lehenga but need to know where to buy it. Let’s explore the five best places to get bridal lehenga in Chennai.


The shopping for marriage starts a month before the marriage. The most challenging decision in shopping is to select t the bridal lehenga. Typically, bridal lehengas are very costly, and you want to be utterly sure before making any decision. There is always an element of fear in you while making decisions because there are so many varieties asking for very high costs.

But as your friend, I know your situation and came up with this exciting list of the best places to buy bridal lehenga in Chennai. All these places have unique collections, high-quality fabric, reasonable prices, and, at the top, the best customer support. But before sharing the list, 

Let’s discuss some parameters or checkpoints for buying a better bridal lehenga in Chennai.

  •  Budget is the most important thing to consider before buying a bridal lehenga. Try to fix a range and not cross the range. There will always be some good designs in your range, which you must search for with dedication.
  • Many lehenga styles are available, but select the one that best suits your personality.
  •  Many fabrics are used to make lehenga, like silk, brocade, velvet, georgette, or net. Try to choose the material by considering weight, price, and weather conditions.
  • You must wear the lehenga for long hours to participate in various rituals. So, consider the comfort factor as the top-most priority.
  • When selecting the lehenga, the climate is a significant factor. Most lehengas are comfortable to wear in winter, but on summer or rainy days, we must consider the environment and select.
  • Another essential factor to consider is the availability of matching accessories. Lehenga will look more premium if combined with matching shoes and jewellery.

 5 Best Place To Buy Bridal Lehenga In Chennai

1. W for Women

W Store in Aerohub

There are multiple W for Women outlets, but the one at Aerohub Mall near Chennai airport is my go-to branch. Please understand. All the outlets are equally good, but the Ambiance at Aerohub is top-notch and attracts me more. W for Women is known for quality and customer service.

They have a vast range of bridal lehengas suitable for both high BudgetBudget and low BudgetBudget-seeking people. Customer service is at the next level, assisting you with selection and fitting. Even if you face problems after purchase, they are always ready to help you.

They are available online for customers who need help to visit the physical outlet. They offer a cash-on-delivery and accessible exchange facility for their online customers.

They have a collection for all, be it the sangeet ceremony, mehndi night, any festive occasion, or the grand wedding night. Just go and select the piece that you like, and don’t worry about anything else.

2. Aurelia

Aurelia Store in Aerohub

The tagline of Aurelia is “All Natural No Filter.” They have a wide range of fashion wear. They always have the latest and trendy collection. In bridal lehenga, they also have a wide range of collections.

If you are lucky, you can take advantage of the end-of-season sale and get a discount as high as 60%. They offer both online and offline services. Online, you get features like same-day delivery and cash on delivery.

You can visit the Aerohub Mall near Chennai Airport to reach Aurelia’s outlet. The mall is rich in Ambiance, giving you a fun time exploring the bridal lehenga.

3. Biba

Biba Store in Aerohub

Reach out to Biba and explore their end-of-season sale to get a discount as high as 50%. They have a vast collection of bridal lehenga and other wedding dress materials. All products are branded, and fabric quality is at the next level.

Biba is a brand known for ethnic wear. You can find an outlet in Biba in the Aerohub mall near Chennai airport. The uniqueness of Biba garments is the mix-and-match collection of ethnic wear, which reflects a modern approach towards fashion.

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4. Kay

Kay Store in Chennai

Kay, the Bay of Fashion, has an outlet in Generic Mall Chennai. They have an extensive gift coupon facility, which helps customers care for their expenses.

Kay offers exclusive and the finest in the ethnic wear section. In the bridal lehenga segment, they have a wide range of collections. You will indeed find one which suits you the best.

5. Tifara

Tifara Store in Chennai

Tifara is a multi-designer store where you can find some top-level bridal lehenga designed by famous designers. Tifara is home to famous designers like Pallavi Mohan, Jayanti Reddy, Kavita Bhartia, Megha n Jigar, and Surabhi Raj. All of them are well-known figures in their respective fashion fields.

So, if you are looking for an elegant bridal lehenga designed by some famous designers, Tifara is your go-to place. But remember, since designers exclusively design collections, they can be pretty heavy on your pocket.

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The best place to hunt for Bridal Lehenga: Aerohub

Aerohub is an excellent shopping mall near Chennai Airport. The Ambiance is at the next level, making it one of the best shopping mall in Chennai. Almost every fashion brand which is in demand is located here. You can enjoy some pleasure time while shopping in this mall.

Talking about the best place to buy bridal lehenga in Chennai, this mall is the home for brands like W for Women, Aurelia, Biba, and more. If you are hunting for the best bridal lehenga that fits your demand and pocket, you need not worry. If you are convinced at one shop, another great brand is available next door.

This mall is spread over 2.5 lakh square kilometres with ample parking space. There are many fun activities for kids and adults to enjoy quality time. If you are tired of shopping, you can enjoy the excellent dining space with a wide range of food items.

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Getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime event in everyone’s life, and as a bride, you want to look your best. The bridal lehenga plays an essential role in making the event memorable. More often than not, you need clarification with your selection and are tired of searching for the best.

This list of bridal lehengas in Chennai will help you reduce your efforts and get what you deserve. All these outlets have the best for bridal lehengas and other wedding collections. Visiting any of these places, you will not regret your decision.

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Best Place To Buy Bridal Lehenga In Chennai – FAQs

1. How do you choose a bridal lehenga?

Before selecting the bridal lehenga, you must understand your body shape. Select the lehenga that suits and fits you best, depending on your body conditions. Besides body shape, you must consider factors like fabric, comfort, budget, and climate.

2. What types of lehenga are in trend?

As regular items, silk, zari, and velvet lehengas are primarily in demand. But according to the latest trends, easy-to-carry lehengas are catching more attraction.

 3. Which state is famous for lehenga?

In almost every state, lehengas are in demand in India. However, the market is slightly higher in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh. Shopping for bridal lehenga in Chennai gives you an excellent opportunity to grab some mind-blowing deals.

4. Why is the bridal lehenga important?

The bridal lehenga is significant from a cultural point of view. It is a tradition in most countries for the bride to wear a lehenga during the wedding. A good-looking bridal lehenga symbolises pride, prosperity, and blessings in the union of two families.

5. How many layers are there in bridal lehenga?

There is no restriction on the several layers in a bridal lehenga, but from a comfort and durability point, two to three layers can be considered reasonable.