7 Best Coffee Shops Near Chennai Airport


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coffee shops near chennai airport


True coffee lovers can’t compromise with the taste they seek in their coffee. They are always searching for counters where their hunt for great coffee can be satisfied. Here, I have collected the best coffee shops near Chennai Airport , which have the potential to satisfy the thirst of coffee lovers.


Coffee is not just a drink but an emotion we can only understand as coffee lovers. A cup of coffee is enough to eliminate your tiredness, awaken your senses, and give you warmth, energy, and comfort that are much needed after a rough and tiresome schedule. Coffee is like a fragrant kiss, rich and bold, fuelled by darkness, spreading energy the moment it is sipped. A nicely brewed cup of coffee can revitalise all the senses and pour a stream of energy into the body. 

Why do people drink coffee?

  • Boost energy in the body because of caffeine, which blocks adenosine, a neurotransmitter that promotes sleepiness.
  • Improves focus and concentration, which can be beneficial for work and study. 
  • Coffee enhances our mood and reduces symptoms of depression because of the presence of dopamine and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters that are very closely related to feelings of pleasure. 
  • Coffee can help athletes improve their physical performance by breaking down fatty acids to release energy.
  • Reduces risk of type-2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. 
  • Boosts metabolism and helps in weight management. 
  • Helps to calm down our mental stress. 

7 Best Coffee Shops Near Chennai Airport

1. Chai Galli

Chai Galli in aerohub

Chai Galli is remarkable destination for coffee, tea, beverages, shakes, fast food, and dessert, it’s a pleasure to visit this place. In this place, you have so many varieties of coffee to choose from that you will never be disappointed. If you are visiting the Aerohub Shopping Mall near Chennai airport, you must try the coffee at this location.

2. Starbucks

Starbucks in aerohub

Starbucks is a brand that needs no introduction and is known for its beverages. This place is famous for the range of coffee it offers, especially the cappuccino, which is a must-try. There are some other drinks and shakes that will rejuvenate your mood as well. Starbucks is also located in the Aerohub Mall.

3. Madras Coffee House

Madras coffee house in aerohub

Another splendid option for enjoying refreshing coffee from Madras Coffee House situated near Chennai airport is the. There are 160 outlets worldwide, and this one in Aerohub is one of the best. Functional since 2010, it is known for traditional coffee, bestowing emotions with every sip.

4. Vasanta Bhavan and Adyar Ananda Bhavan

A2b and Vasanta Bhavan in Aerohub

If you looking to enjoy a cup of spiritually brewed coffee in the near Chennai Airport explore Vasanta Bhavan and Adyar Ananda Bhavan. They are one of the oldest outlets, satisfying customers by supplying the best quality coffee. This is a good option if you are looking for the best coffee shops near Chennai Airport.

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5. Hatti Kaapi

Hatti kaapi near chennai airport

An incomparable destination to enjoy a good brew of coffee, the Hatti Kaapi in the Generic Mall near Chennai shopping mall can be regarded as one. If you visit this place, you must try the Mysuru Filter Coffee and the 6-second decoction.

6. Sha Cafe

Sha Cafe near chennai airport

Sha Cafe is the go-to option if you are willing to get your coffee delivered at home. Normally charging you on an average of ₹200, this place is mostly crowded with coffee lovers, offering good fun activities for kids.

7. The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

coffee bean and tea leaf near chennai airport

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlets are scattered all around Chennai. You can order online or go to their outlet to enjoy a great cup of coffee. They also offer gift cards to their customers, letting them enjoy their coffee without thinking much about their pockets.

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Heaven for coffee lovers

Anyone living near Chennai Airport or visiting this location for some reason must visit the Aerohub – Best Shopping Mall in Chennai. It is not only a great destination for shopping but also a paradise for all foodies. Coffee destinations like Chai Galli, Starbucks, and Madras Cafe House are all located in this mall.

Other than coffee, there are great locations where you can enjoy quality food. Places like Subway, Pizza Hut, KFC, House of Candy, and many more are all located in this mall. The game zone has a lot of fun activities for kids, keeping them always excited. Parents can enjoy the free Wi-Fi inside the ambience when the kids are having fun in the game zone.

For entertainment, you can enjoy the world-class cinema at PVR Cinemas and LED live entertainment destination.  Fashion lovers, too, have plenty of options here as this mall is home to brands like Adidas, Jockey, BIBA, American Tourister, and a lot more.

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Coffee addicts love their cups of coffee but are never ready to compromise on the taste and flavour. People are always on the hunt to enjoy a great cup of coffee, trying different things, and, more often than not, are disappointed and disheartened. I have also experienced this feeling when I desperately want a good cup of coffee but cannot get one.

This is why I decided to help those looking for the best coffee shops near Chennai Airport by suggesting a few options I prefer to go to and enjoy quality time in. Every entry on this list is a great place to go, and as a coffee lover, you must try all of these at least once.

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Best Coffee Shops Near Chennai Airport – FAQs

1. What do customers look for in coffee shops?

Customers visit coffee shops not just for the taste but also to enjoy the legacy of great coffee. Also, they want a neat and clean ambience where they can spend quality time with their friends and family. 

2. What is the primary purpose of coffee shops?

Coffee shops serve the purpose of social gatherings where people can come with their friends and with a small budget and enjoy chit-chatting for a longer time. 

3. Which is the best coffee shop in Chennai?

Chennai is loaded with quality coffee shops. It depends on your location because no one covers a long distance for coffee. Airohub Mall is the best location for people near Chennai Airport and has plenty of options. 

4. Which is the best coffee brand in Chennai?

Go for Starbucks or Chai Galli, and you will always be satisfied. They have the best range of premium coffee brands at an affordable cost.