7 Best Multi Cuisine Restaurants Near Chennai Airport


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Multi Cuisine Restaurants Near Chennai Airport

Are you on the hunt for a place to enjoy a fantastic meal, whether you’ve just landed from a long flight or you’re a local craving something delicious? Right near Chennai Airport, AeroHub Mall in Meenambakkam is where your search ends. Here’s a quick tour of the seven standout restaurants where you can indulge in a feast!


Chennai, also known as the “Gateway to South India,” is famous for its amazing culture and history, but it’s also a place where you can find some really great food. When people land at Chennai Airport, they’re not just welcomed by the nice warm sun but also by the chance to try lots of different tasty foods. One of the best places to eat near the airport is AeroHub Mall in Meenambakkam. We host diverse restaurants that offer all sorts of delicious meals, making it a great spot for anyone who loves food. Let’s take a closer look at the seven Multi Cuisine Restaurants Near Chennai Airport

7 Best Multi Cuisine Restaurants Near Chennai Airport

1. A2B- Adyar Ananda Bhavan

Our food journey starts at A2B- Adyar Ananda Bhavan, a place that’s loved for its awesome South Indian food like dosas, idlis, and filter coffee. It’s a great spot for any meal of the day, offering a taste of South India’s rich food traditions. Every bite here makes you feel like you’re right in the heart of Chennai, enjoying the local culture through food.

2. Kobe Sizzlers

Kobe Restaurant in chennai

Next up is Kobe Sizzlers, perfect for those who love their food served hot and sizzling. This place is all about delicious grilled dishes, with juicy meats and fresh veggies seasoned to perfection. Eating here is an experience that’s as much about the great flavours as it is about the fun of seeing your food sizzle in front of you.

3. Junior Kuppana

jr Juppanna restaurant in chennai

If you’re into trying bold and spicy flavours, Junior Kuppana is the spot. This restaurant specialises in Chettinad cuisine, which is known for its aromatic biryanis and spicy curries. Here, every dish is a celebration of the vibrant tastes of South India, perfect for those who love a bit of spice in their meals.

4. Street of Arabia

Streets of arabia restaurant in chennai

Street of Arabia, located within AeroHub Mall, offers a delightful journey through Middle Eastern cuisine. With a diverse menu featuring fragrant biryanis, succulent kebabs, shawarmas, and indulgent baklavas, it’s a haven for lovers of Arabian flavours. The restaurant’s authentic ingredients and traditional cooking techniques ensure an immersive dining experience reminiscent of the bustling streets of the Middle East. It’s conveniently located near Chennai Airport and the perfect destination to savour Arabian cuisine.

5. Faruuzi Multicuisine Restaurant – Chrompet

Faruuzi restaurant in chennai

Over at Faruuzi Multicuisine Restaurant in Chrompet, you’ll find a menu that has something for everyone. Whether you’re craving Indian, Chinese, or Continental dishes, this place has got you covered. 

6. Amrita Amore

Amrita Amore Restaurant in chennai

Amrita Amore, tucked away in AeroHub Mall, is where you can try some really unique dishes. This restaurant mixes different cooking styles to create new and interesting meals. It’s a great place for foodies looking to discover new flavours and enjoy a meal that’s a bit out of the ordinary.

7. New Kurinji Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Kurinji Restaurant in Chennai

Last but not least, New Kurinji Multi Cuisine Restaurant offers a wide range of dishes to suit all tastes. Located in Pallavaram, this restaurant serves up Indian, Chinese, and Continental favourites, all made with a focus on freshness and quality. It’s a popular spot thanks to its diverse menu and tasty food.


AeroHub Mall, just a short distance from Chennai Airport, is a fantastic place for anyone who loves food. With these seven top-notch restaurants, there’s a huge variety of dishes to try, from traditional South Indian meals to exciting fusion dishes. What makes AeroHub stand out is not just the great food but also the whole experience. It’s easy to get to, the atmosphere is welcoming, and all the dishes taste scrumptious. 

So, if you’re coming through Chennai Airport or just looking for a great place to eat in Meenambakkam, AeroHub Mall is worth a visit. AeroHub Mall offers an unforgettable dining experience that will make you want to come back again and again. Discover the best dining spots in Meenambakkam near Chennai Airport at AeroHub, where every meal is a joy.


1. Can I find traditional South Indian cuisine near Chennai Airport?

Yes, A2B – Adyar Ananda Bhavan at AeroHub Mall offers authentic South Indian cuisine, including favourites like dosas, idlis, and filter coffee, embodying the rich food traditions of South India.

2. Are there any restaurants near Chennai Airport for meat lovers?

Kobe Sizzlers, situated near Chennai Airport, specialises in grilled dishes with juicy meats and fresh vegetables, perfect for those who enjoy hearty, meaty meals.

3. Where can I try Chettinad cuisine near Chennai Airport?

Junior Kuppana, located near Chennai Airport, offers a taste of bold and spicy Chettinad cuisine, known for its aromatic biryanis and spicy curries.

4. What makes AeroHub Mall a great dining destination near Chennai Airport?

AeroHub Mall stands out for its convenient location, welcoming atmosphere, and wide variety of dining options, making us an ideal spot for travellers and locals looking for quality food experiences.