Women's Fashion

Weekdays: 11AM to 10PM
Weekends: 11AM to 10PM
Floor: Second Floor

About BIBA

BIBA is a well-known ethnic clothing line for women that provides a variety of cosy and fashionable attire. The company is renowned for emphasising quality, innovation, and affordability, and its goods are made using premium materials and fine details. Kurtas, Kurtis, salwar suits, and dresses are just a few of the things that BIBA has to offer to meet the demands of ladies with various fashion tastes. 

To guarantee that every lady can discover the ideal costume, the firm also provides a variety of sizes, including plus-size alternatives. Overall, with a focus on delivering fashionable and reasonably priced ethnic wear, BIBA is a well-liked option among women who appreciate both comfort and fashion.

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