How To Spend A Layover At Chennai Airport


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layover at chennai airport

Welcome to Chennai, a city that beautifully combines tradition and modernity. If you find yourself with a layover at the Chennai Airport, fret not! Aerohub is here to make your time fly by in the most exciting way possible. 

With a plethora of activities and amenities to keep you entertained, we’ve got you covered from shopping to dining, movies to gaming. So sit back, relax, and let us show you how to make the most of your layover at Aerohub – your gateway to an unforgettable experience!


If you find yourself with a layover here, worry not because there are plenty of things to do and see. From shopping to dining and entertainment options, Aerohub has it all!

As one of the busiest airports in India, Chennai Airport offers various amenities for passengers. Whether you have a few hours or an overnight stay, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during their layover.

How To Spend A Layover At Chennai Airport: Aerohub

Are you looking for ways to make the most of your layover at Chennai Airport? Look no further than Aerohub, the ultimate destination for a fun, exciting layover experience. With a wide range of activities and amenities, Aerohub ensures that your time spent at the airport is anything but boring.

With so many activities available at Aerohub, you’ll never have a dull moment during your layover at Chennai Airport. Make sure to explore all these fantastic offerings before continuing on with your journey.

So, why waste precious hours sitting around when you can turn your layover into an enjoyable adventure? Head over to Aerohub and discover how Chennai Airport can be much more than just an average stopover location.

Shopping At Aerohub

Shopping at Aerohub is a delightful experience for travellers looking to make the most of their layover at Chennai Airport. With a wide range of retail stores and boutiques brands, you can indulge in some retail therapy and find unique souvenirs or gifts for loved ones.

Fashion StoresElectronics & Gadgets BrandsBeauty BrandsFashion Accessory Brand
Fab India
Reliance Trends
Go Colors
Lee Cooper
John Players
Toni & Guy
Body Shop
Sugar Cosmetics
  • From fashion outlets showcasing the latest trends to electronics stores with cutting-edge gadgets, there is something for everyone at Aerohub.
  • Whether you’re in need of new attire for your upcoming trip or simply want to treat yourself, the shopping options here won’t disappoint.
  • Browse through luxury brands and explore local artisanal products that showcase the rich heritage of Chennai. 
  • If you’re a bookworm, head to one of the bookstores where you can pick up bestselling novels for your journey. 

With its well-curated selection and convenient layout within the airport premises, shopping at Aerohub offers convenience and an opportunity to make your layover extra special. So go ahead and explore this vibrant place!

Movies At Aerohub – PVR

When it comes to killing time during a layover at Chennai Airport, catching a movie is always a great option. Lucky for you, Aerohub has got you covered with its state-of-the-art cinema – PVR . Step into the world of entertainment and immerse yourself in the magic of movies. 

  • With comfortable seating and cutting-edge sound systems, PVR offers an unparalleled cinematic experience that will transport you away from the hustle and bustle of airport life.
  • Grab some popcorn, sit back, relax, and let yourself get swept away by captivating storylines and stunning visuals. 
  • Whether you’re travelling alone or with friends and family, watching a movie at Aerohub is the perfect way to unwind and make your layover more enjoyable.

So, next time you find yourself with some extra time between flights at Chennai Airport, head over to Aerohub’s PVR cinema for an unforgettable cinematic experience that will leave you feeling entertained and refreshed.

Dining At Aerohub

Restaurant interior

When it comes to satisfying your taste buds during a layover at Chennai Airport, Aerohub has got you covered with its diverse range of dining options. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional South Indian cuisine or craving some international flavours, there is something for everyone.

  • From local favourites like dosas and idlis to global cuisines like Chinese, Italian, and Japanese, the restaurants at Aerohub cater to all culinary preferences.
    • Indulge in aromatic biryanis at Junior Kuppanna or savour mouthwatering dishes at Street of Arabia. 
    • Fast food joints like Burger King and Pizza Hut offer delicious grab-and-go options for those seeking a quick bite.
    • If you prefer a more relaxed dining experience, head over to The Food Court, where multiple food outlets are available under one roof. You can choose from an array of dishes ranging from Indian thalis to continental platters.
  • Whether you’re looking for a full meal or just need something small to satisfy your hunger pangs, the dining options at Aerohub ensure that no traveller leaves hungry. 

So, make the most of your layover by treating yourself to some delicious food before continuing your journey!

Gaming At The Fun Center At Aerohub

Gaming at the fun center at Aerohub is a fantastic way to make the most of your layover at Chennai Airport. Step into the vibrant world of virtual reality and immerse yourself in thrilling experiences that will leave you wanting more. 

  • If you prefer classic arcade games, you’ll be delighted by the wide selection available here.
  • The fun center is filled with nostalgia-inducing entertainment that will transport you back in time.
  • Parents travelling with children will also find plenty of family-friendly options at the fun center. 
  • Let your little ones explore interactive play areas designed specifically for their age group while you relax.

So if you find yourself with some time between flights at Chennai Airport, head over to the Aerohub gaming center and discover endless hours of excitement and entertainment right at your fingertips!

Summing Up

In a nutshell, Aerohub at Chennai Airport offers an array of exciting activities to make the most of your layover. Whether you’re in the mood for some retail therapy, catching up on the latest movies, indulging in delicious cuisine, or simply relaxing and having fun at the gaming center, Aerohub has got it all.

To sum it up, whether you have a few hours or an entire day between flights at Chennai Airport, Aerohub is sure to keep you entertained throughout your layover. So, make the most of this vibrant hub before continuing on with your journey!


1. Is there free Wi-Fi available at Chennai Airport?

Yes, Chennai Airport provides free Wi-Fi for passengers to stay connected during their layover.

2. Can I access the Aerohub facilities if I am not flying with a specific airline?

Yes, Aerohub is open to all passengers regardless of the airline they are flying with.

3. Are there any family-friendly activities at Aerohub?

Absolutely! The fun center at Aerohub has various gaming options suitable for kids and adults.

4. How far is Aerohub from the main terminal of Chennai Airport?

Aerohub is conveniently located next to the main terminal building of Chennai Airport, making it easily accessible for transit passengers.