Street Foods by Punjab Grill

Food Court

Weekdays: 11AM to 10PM
Weekends: 11AM to 10PM
Floor: Third Floor

About Street Foods by Punjab Grill

Enjoy an authentic and flavorful street food experience only at Street Foods by Punjab Grill! Located in Aerohub, this restaurant brings India’s vibrant and diverse street food culture straight to your plate.

Street Foods by Punjab Grill offers delicious and authentic North Indian street food. Its fantastic menu, vibrant ambience, and excellent customer service provide an unforgettable dining experience.

Street Foods by Punjab Grill is a popular restaurant chain that serves authentic North Indian street food in various locations across India. The restaurant’s menu features a range of classic street food dishes, including chaats, parathas, kebabs, and more.

The menu at Street Foods by Punjab Grill is a celebration of India’s culinary heritage, with a range of dishes from different regions of the country. 

The restaurant offers a range of chaats, biryanis, and curries, each with unique flavour and preparation. Every dish is a journey for your taste buds, from the spicy and tangy chaats to the savoury and aromatic paratha rolls.

The ambience at Street Foods by Punjab Grill is as vibrant and colourful as the food itself, with bright and cheerful decor reflecting India’s lively street food culture. The restaurant is designed to be casual and welcoming, with comfortable seating.

This restaurant is a must-visit for anyone who wants to experience the true essence of Indian street food and beyond that. 

Indulge in a flavourful culinary journey at Street Foods by Punjab Grill in Aerohub.

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