How To Spend A Day Near Chennai Airport?


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How To Spend A Day Near Chennai Airport

Chennai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in India in terms of international traffic and cargo capacities. Hence it serves as the vital transportation hub connecting travelers to various domestic and international destinations. 

We all enjoy traveling via flights! But what we do not like are the layovers and extended wait times. It can catch our nerves. But not anymore! This blog will discuss transforming a chunk of your free time into a mini adventure. Get ready for a memorable and enriching experience with Aerohub Mall and other attractions!


Chennai International Airport, the bustling transportation hub, is located Southwest of Chennai. As much as we know it is well-connected with domestic and international travel airlines, we do not see that it is also a gateway to countless destinations. 

Do you have plenty of time due to layovers or extended flight times? Don’t fret! You can use them and visit the vibrant surroundings within and near the airport. We have covered everything from cultural gems, entertainment, and shopping points to delightful food experiences. Let’s get started!

When you have a layover or delayed flight at Chennai International Airport

Going out and exploring the city won’t be wise if you have a short layover time. You don’t have to also since Chennai International Airport’s mall, Aerohub, is the all-in-all shopping, entertainment and dining hub that will keep you occupied during your waiting time.

How To Spend A Day Near Chennai Airport?

1. Watch a cinema at PVR Multiplex Theatre!

Are you a movie lover? How about watching a movie during the layover or extended time at Aerohub Mall, located within the Chennai International Airport? PVR Cinema’s new multiplex theatre at the mall is the short escape you can wish for.

With five screens and Dolby Atmos audio capabilities, it is an excellent option for passengers to use their leisure time effectively due to flight delays. It has a total seating capacity of 1155 people and is accessible to the public too!

2. Enjoy shopping!

Are you a fashion shopaholic looking to buy something during the teeny-weeny gap you get? Then during your layovers or extended time at the Chennai International Airport, you should go for a purchase hunt at Aerohub Mall! We are sure it will be a haven for shopping lovers and trendsetters!

Some brands are John Players, Lee Cooper, Jockey, Adidas, Biba, Aurelia, Bata, Zivame, etc. With all the top brands present for customers’ shopping buds, Aerohub serves as the luxurious fashion & shopping hub.

3. Satisfy your taste buds!

Are the Chennai International Airport foods expensive? You need not sulk to pay extra bucks for the cold coffee that you don’t even like anymore! Make your way to Aerohub Mall, which lies within the premises of the Chennai International Airport, for a delicious and satisfying food experience. 

Now you can satisfy your food cravings at Aerohub Mall, which has its exclusive food court with enormous brands. Unlike limited foods at the airports, you can find varieties in the mall, hereafter! From ice cream, desserts, coffee, authentic South Indian meals, juices, non-veg treats, burgers, pizzas, and momos to our beloved and most-cherished KFC, the Aerhub mall has everything you need. 

4. Do not miss the Kid’s Play area!

Travelling with kids can be tiresome, exciting and memorable, to sum up, an all-in-all experience! But sometimes, kids throw tantrums that make parents find difficult to control. Especially during the waiting period, kids tend to lose their patience and start to behave crankily. 

For mothers’ relief, Aerohub Mall has a Kid’s Play Area that keeps the little tots entertained and occupied! With a wide range of activities such as ball pits, VR games, mystery games, etc., it is a haven for kids to have fun and socialise with other kids.

5. Relax and rejuvenate!

If you have a short layover and are looking for some rejuvenating change-over, Aerohub has something for you too! You can go for quick skin, hair and body care at Tony & Guy. You can opt for a haircut,  make-over or sooting head massages.

If shopping is your relaxation technique, check out Sugar Cosmetics and the Body Shop! Or, you just chill at the mall, spending time using the free WIFI! Aerohub Mall also has charging points for your electronic devices, in case you need them. 

Here’re the other places to visit near Chennai International Airport

If you have a long layover or extended flight times, you can leave the Chennai International Airport and explore the nearby attractions, located at a distance of 20 to 30 minutes. Here’re some recommendations that you can visit and have a splendid experience.

1. Visit St. Thomas Mount National Shrine!

If you want to go to a place of worship, you can visit St. Thomas Mount National Shrine, located 11 km from the Chennai International Airport. It is a religious place and a landmark of historical significance because it is where Saint Thomas, who preached Christianity in India, was martyred. It is also a strategic location that witnessed battles between the British and French. 

  • Visitor Timings: Monday to Sunday- 7 AM to 7 PM

2. Make sure to add Gandhi Mandapam to your list!

Gandhi Mandapam, located 13 km from the Chennai International Airport, is a tribute to the Father of the Nation’s pivotal role in the Indian independence movement. This place is where Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were kept before being immersed in the sea. 

You can see the exhibits displayed around the memorial hall showcasing his life and achievements. It includes photographs, paintings, artefacts, etc. You can understand the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi by visiting this hall.

  • Visitor Timings: Monday to Sunday- 9 AM to 5 PM

3. Arignar Anna Zoological Park for animal lovers!

Do you like animals and want to visit a quick zoological park during your layover period? Then Arignar Anna Zoological Park, located 15 km from Chennai International Airport, is a treat for your eyes. 

It is where you can spot magnificent lions, gigantic elephants, snakes, lizards, turtles, colourful birds, nocturnal animals and whatnot. You name an animal, and you can see it there! Also known as Vandalur Park, it focuses on wildlife conservation and research. It is a haven for nature enthusiasts!

It is open throughout the year except for all Tuesdays!

  • Visitor Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Entry Fees: Children above five years and below 12 years- INR 50
  • Adults above 13 years– INR 90

4. Pay your visit to Vivekananda House!

If you have more layover time and want to visit a historic landmark, you should head to Vivekananda House, located 20 km from the Chennai International Airport. It is a museum and a memorial showcasing the teachings, life and contributions of Swami Vivekananda. You can also meditate there; we are sure it gives you positive energy. 

  • Visitor Timings: Tuesday to Sunday- 10 AM to 12.30 PM; 3 PM to 7.15 PM (Monday closed)
  • Entry Fees: INR 20 for adults and INR 10 for kids (age 3 to 12 years)

5. Explore the temples around!

If you want to spend the layover time visiting the places of worship, you have multiple options. You can visit the following temples within 6 kms from the Chennai International Airport. 

  • Dakshin Pawapuri Jain temple – 2.4 km
  • Thirusoolanathar temple –  3.7 km
  • Sri Sakthi Sandhiamman temple – 3.8 km
  • Sri Radha Rukmani Sametha Venugopala Perumal temple – 5.5 km

These temples also serve as excellent resting places and give you immense peace!

Aerohub Mall: Your one-stoppage for unlimited fun!

The Aerohub is a one-stop destination for all your needs! The mall has places of entertainment, fine dining, a kids’ play area and shopping! With its excess options, it gives a luxurious experience that leaves the visitors in awe. It also has live events happening occasionally that engage the audience in the art world. 

Since it is located within the Chennai International Airport, it is convenient for the passengers to spend their layover and extended time leisurely and productively. The Aerohub Mall keeps them occupied and ensures an unforgettable experience for all visitors. 


Considering the duration of your layover visa requirements and airport regulations, you can now turn your waiting period into a memorable experience. You can enjoy the privileges offered at the airport or explore Chennai, which combines tradition and modernity. The choice is yours!


1). Can you go out of the airport during a layover?

Yes. If it is a long layover, you may leave the airport and explore the nearby areas, and for short layovers, it wouldn’t be practical to step outside. However, it depends on other factors, such as visa requirements, immigration and customs, luggage considerations, and airport regulations. 

2). How can you spend time at Chennai International Airport during a layover?

You can enjoy the facilities and amenities offered by the Chennai International Airport. You can relax in lounges, explore the dining options, visit the airport spa, use fitness facilities, and watch movies or series using the Airport WIFI.

3). What are the malls present near Chennai International Airport?

Aerohub is the mall that is present within the premises of the Chennai International Airport, offering luxurious experiences. The other malls include Phoenix Marketcity, Forum Vijaya Mall, BSR Mall, etc.

4). How many brand shops are in Aerohub Mall?

More than 50 brand shops are present, divided into categories such as dining, fashion and entertainment for the customers’ exhilarating shopping experience at Aerohub Mall. 

5). Is the public allowed to enter Aerohub Mall?

Yes. The Aerohub Mall, which lies inside the premises of Chennai International Airport, is also open to the public and not just limited to the passengers travelling.