11 Hidden Gems in Chennai You Must Visit at Least Once


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Hidden Gems in Chennai


Chennai being one metropolitan city, often being overshadowed by big players like Delhi and Mumbai, but the recent developments have proved that Chennai is not inferior by any means. Recently Chennai has made achievements in strides, developing as a major outsourcing hub for international banks and insurers.

This is not the end of the story, as Chennai deserves to be among the top cities in India for travelling and recreating your peace of mind. Full of beaches and temples, there are many hidden gems in Chennai which are worth exploring. Employing this article, I will try to unveil a few such locations, which you might not be aware of, that exist in Chennai.


Famous manufacturing brands like Hyundai, The South Korean Automobile Giant, Pegatron: a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company and First Solar, an American leader in solar photovoltaic technology, have seen the potential of Chennai Geographically and Economically. Because of these famous brands’ advent and many more big players, Chennai is now seen as a developing hub for the electronics and manufacturing sector.

In Chennai, there are many beautiful landforms and places which are famous worldwide and people from far places come to Chennai, especially to visit these places. Places like Marina Beach, Fort. St. George, Kapaleeshwarar Temple, San Thome Basilica, etc need no introduction and you might have visited these sites multiple times.

But now I am going to unveil some hidden gems in Chennai, which might have escaped from your concise list but deserve to be visited multiple times.

11 Hidden Gems In Chennai to Explore

Spot 1: Aerohub

Aerohub Mall - Best Shopping Mall in Chennai

Located in Meenambakkam near Chennai airport, this newly developed shopping mall is worthy of its reputation of being one of the top centres to shop and enjoy. This is the best site to explore along with your family, getting access to most of the top fashion brands like Trends, Bata, Ray-Ban, Zivame, Lenskart, and more.

Not only for fashion but for the foodies who love to try the best dishes, there are dining options like Wow China, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Subway, KFC and more giving you a perfect opportunity to get maximum satisfaction on the bucks spent on your food.

Once you satisfy your appetite, there is always the option of top-level entertainment as it is home to PVR cinemas and LED, where you can have the best viewing experience with the best sound and music quality.

Home to more than 100 brands, it has the perfect ambience spread across 2.5 lakh square feet accompanied by 2200+ car parking slots. The cherry on the cake is the fact that Aerohub is only at a distance of 2 minutes from Chennai Airport. This hidden gems in Chennai, you must grab an opportunity to visit and have a wonderful time with your friends and family.

Aerohub has redefined the concept of malls, giving you a perfect destination for shopping, dining and entertainment with lots of fun activities for kids. It gives you premium facilities like a huge ambience, car parking slots, state-of-the-art movie theatres, kids’ zones and more so that you can collect some unforgettable memories.

Spot 2: St.Thomas Mount Church

St.Thomas Mount Church

Called “Parangimala” in vernacular language, it is a 500-year-old praying destination. Built by the Portuguese in 1523, it is one of the oldest churches in Chennai, believed to have attained martyrdom on it.  This hidden gems in Chennai is known to very few, but all history lovers can visit.

Spot 3: Theosophical Society Adyar 

Theosophical Society Adyar 

This society was founded by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in 1875 and later when the American section and some other lodges separated in 1882, the Adyar designation was given to this place to establish it as the society’s headquarters. It is a worldwide organisation focused on service to humanity, and practice brotherhood regardless of race, creed, sex, colour or any other discrimination.

Spot 4: Covelong Point and Beach

Covelong Point and Beach

All surfing lovers are going to love this place, especially during summer in July it is at its best. In this month nearly 39% of clean surfable waves can be found while 52% of the time they tend to be blown out. The waves on this beach are pretty consistent, even during autumn and Winter, making it a favourite destination for surfing.

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Spot 5: Tirusulam hidden lake

Tirusulam hidden lake

Very few people might know about this hidden gems in Chennai, but it is an example of serenity and nature at its best. To reach the destination, you have to struggle a bit, but once you reach the destination, every ounce of your struggle counts, as beautiful selfies are waiting for you to get clicked. If you go to this location, keep safety as a priority, as the bedding is made of hard rocks with sharp edges covered with slippery algae.

Spot 6: Madhavaram Botanical Garden

Madhavaram Botanical Garden

Spread over 20 acres of natural land, this garden is full of greenery, accompanied by a huge pond where you can enjoy boating with friends and family. There are plenty of seats to relax and the staff are also very supportive, giving you a chance to buy plants at affordable prices. Just a few words of caution: there are lots of loving pairs spending a good time with their loved ones, so sometimes it may be uncomfortable to go with family.

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Spot 7: Puzhal Lake

Puzhal Lake

You are going to love the sunset of this hidden gems in Chennai, a clean place to admire nature and spend quality time with friends. Peaceful and less crowded, there is a lot of parking space, so just go and enjoy the moments.  

Spot 8: Royapuram Fishing Harbour

Royapuram Fishing Harbour

Though it doesn’t feel a premium feel to visit this place, this hidden gems in Chennai, surely you will get some uncommon experiences, learn how to catch fish and a lot of opportunities to click stunning selfies. You can click stunning photos of colourful docks and backwaters while exploring this place.

Spot 9: Asthalakshmi Temple

Asthalakshmi Temple

25 km South of Chennai, this temple is devoted to the goddess of wealth and knowledge, having beautiful and aesthetic sculptures in and around the temple. The feeling of divinity in the ambience worshipping eight avatars of goddess Lakshmi will mesmerise you.

Spot 10: Seemavaram Dam

Seemavaram Dam

Seemapuram, or Seemavaram, is a small village in northern Tamil Nadu where this dam is located. Sparsely populated, this is a good place to enjoy quality time with friends because the infrastructure is clean and even suitable for swimming.

Spot 11: Thousand Lights Mosque

Thousand Lights Mosque

This multi-domed mosque lights up the Royapettah area in Chennai, believed to be a requirement of 1000 lights to light up the hall of this mosque. Based on this, the mosque is named Thousand Lights Mosque located at Peters Road, Royapettah, Chennai.

This is a location very close to places like Arignar Anna Statue, Birdman of Chennai, MGR Memorial, Chennai Marina Lighthouse, Panagal Park and more, giving you opportunities to spend a wonderful time with your friends and family.

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Though there are uncountable locations in Chennai which you can visit and recreate yourself, I feel that this hidden gems in Chennai is mostly overlooked by people. All these locations are worthy of a visit and few in the list are good enough to visit multiple times.

Just take the example of the Aerohub – Best Shopping Mall in Chennai, no matter how many times you have visited this place, you will never feel bored. Every time you visit these places, the fun will crawl around you, exploring something new and interesting during every visit.

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Hidden Gems In Chennai – FAQs 

1. Which is the best unexplored mall in Chennai?

Though there are many premium and high-class malls in Chennai, the Aerohub near Chennai is a must to visit. It is spacious and has a lot of dining options. Most of the brands have an outlet in this mall and the cherry on the cake is the fun activities and game centres which your kids will enjoy for sure.

2. Which is a good place to enjoy natural life?

The Madhavaram botanical garden is the perfect place to explore nature and enjoy boating with friends. Here you get the chance to purchase plants at a very reasonable cost so that you can upgrade your home garden as well.

3. Is there a good temple to visit?

The Asthalakshmi Temple, located 25 km south of Chennai, will inculcate a sense of divinity in you as you can explore the eight avatars of Goddess Laxmi in this temple.

4. Which is a good place to visit for brand lovers?

Without a doubt, go to Aerohub, where you can find most of the brands of your choice. It is one of the hidden gems in Chennai which is not explored by many people in Chennai, but once visited surely you will make a second visit.

5. Can I have a clean beach in Chennai?

The Covelong Point and Beach is one of the cleanest beaches that you can find in Chennai. Here you can enjoy swimming as well as surfing, taking you to the next level of excitement.